Anonymous asked:
oh my goooooood jyj feeds my ot5 feels!! T.T did u hear what jaejoong says at the concert? he wants to be 5 again!! is it true? i know you're "not here" but i see you online kkkkk

Sorry for the late reply anonjjang~ I actually saw this earlier but didn’t want to spread around that translator’s words without confirming what the Joong actually said first because I knew it sounded fishy (>//<)

I don’t know if you saw already but lmao that translator totally distorted his words. He didn’t even say the word ‘five’ (ㅍ__ㅍ)

Here is what he actually said:

“As you feel TVXQ as a memory we do the same. If things work out (among our members) later… It would be nice if we can look back and talk about the fun memories… We debuted 10 years ago… We can talk about this since a long time has passed… Now, let’s moving onto the next song…”


Someone needs to fire that translator. I don’t know if she’s the same one from the press con but that one was equally horrible. If it’s the same girl, then she really needs to be fired. Maybe along with the person who hired her too (=__=)

Translators not doing their jobs properly is literally one of the biggest reasons that the international fandom crumbles apart. 

Honestly I have nothing against JYJ talking about DB5K and singing their old songs. It’s actually sweet and nostalgic for a fan like me who started out with the five of them. Also it is their past as much as it is Homin’s so why not?

But I do hope that ifans will take all translations (especially when it comes to these kind of words) with a grain of salt instead of jumping onto it so quickly and spreading it like wild fire…


yjaey asked:
Agree with every word in your tags. But I have yet to see any source for this quote. Esp on twitter where I'm sure someone would have caught it.. So I am doubtful right now, considering I highly doubt Yoochun would say such a thing. But yes I sometimes wish he would.

I haven’t seen a source yet either so I’m skeptical too…

Whether he said it or not though, I hope this kind of message spreads around because that concert was more colorful than my christmas tree 

But no one is celebrating around that shit

So just a disclaimer for everyone: THE QUOTE I REBLOGGED JUST NOW DOESN’T HAVE A SOURCE YET…. 

Take it with a grain of salt. But also take it as a piece of advice from a fellow fan.